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Lakeview Veterinary Clinic

Lakeview Animal Fund

The Lakeview Animal Fund has been established to provide access to quality veterinary care and support for animals in cases where there is no known guardian, in situations of financial hardship or family crisis, and to pets harmed or displaced due to local disaster.

Donations of cash, check, or charge to the fund are welcomed, and may be mailed or offered in person at:

Lakeview Veterinary Clinic

3518 Monroe Street

Madison, WI 53711

Through these donations we hope to provide a lasting legacy of assistance for those who need it most.

Shih Tzu Dog in Grass

Recent Lakeview Animal Fund Use

A 1 year old Shih Tzu dog had been vomiting, inappetent, and lethargic for 2 days. His owners thought he may have gotten into the garbage before his signs developed. Radiographs of his abdomen showed a very large number of bones lodged in his stomach. Surgery was performed that afternoon and the bones were removed. He had a quick and full recovery (but still finds the garbage hard to resist!).