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Due to the very rapidly changing novel coronavirus and related disease (COVID-19), Lakeview Veterinary Clinic is taking additional precautionary measures to keep our staff, doctors, technicians, animals, clients and visitors safe, while continuing to provide care for our beloved pets.

Effective on Tuesday, March 17, only Lakeview Veterinary Clinic employees will be allowed inside the clinic until further notice.

We are requesting that clients please wear a mask/face covering.

Lakeview staff will meet clients in the parking lot and bring pets in for care or deliver food/medications. During this time, services may be limited, and some existing appointments may need to change. Staff will contact clients directly with information about any changes.

If your pet is due for a wellness exam and vaccines, but is healthy otherwise, and you are in need of medication, please contact us to discuss. We will be limiting any new wellness exams for the near future, to help ensure we have the time and resources for our sick patients.

What clients should do when they arrive at the hospital with patients:

Call (or text) (608) 236-4570 when you arrive at the parking lot. A member of our staff will assist you.

Please remain in your vehicle if you are bringing a feline, and properly secure your pet in a carrier. If you are bringing a canine, please have them outside on a leash ready to be handed off. Try to leave your flex-leads at home as we will be swapping your leash for one of our slip leads for the duration of the appointment

Once we take your pet inside the clinic, please remain in the parking lot. This is not a “drop-off” appointment which you may have experienced with us in the past.

When the doctor has finished the exam, they will call or text you with an update, additional questions, recommendations, and an estimate. We will perform necessary treatments and prepare any medications to go home. Once complete, we will call you for payment that will be made over the phone with a credit card (if possible). We will also accept checks, if necessary. Our phones may be busy, so in some select cases we may send a bill home with you.

Once your appointment is complete, your pet will then be returned to you in the parking lot.

A trip to the vet clinic can be a stressful situation under ideal conditions, but with the heightened concern for the COVID-19 outbreak, we need to be especially calm and patient during this time.

The Centers for Disease Control have a comprehensive website with general information and more about COVID-19 and animals.

Thank you for entrusting us with your pet’s care and for understanding the added precautions need to keep everyone safe and healthy.

The Doctors and Staff of Lakeview Veterinary Clinic