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Cat Annex Information - Press Release



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Lakeview Veterinary Clinic

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Innovative new clinic eases common anxieties in cats – No dogs allowed!

An innovative new clinic will cater to cats, providing an environment that calms common but some times serious anxieties. Lakeview Veterinary Clinic, a Madison-based small animal veterinary clinic, has opened a cat exclusive annex to its practice. The Cat Annex is a quiet clinical space that will reduce the stress most cats experience when going to the doctor. The clinic is located at 3506 Monroe Street in Madison, Wis.

“Most cats do not like change, something simple like rearranging furniture can cause stress,” says Dr. Tom Bach, veterinarian and clinic co-owner. “When we force them into a little carrier and then make them ride in a car, this is not a good start to the day for most cats. In an effort to help them feel more calm and comfortable when they reach our clinic, we created a space that caters to their needs and quells those anxieties.”

Some of those anxieties stem from going to a veterinary office that includes dogs as patients in the same space. “To ensure a safe and non-stressful experience for our cat patients, dogs are not allowed in The Cat Annex,” says Dr. Bach. Puppies, adult dogs, and any cats still interested will continue to be cared for by Bach and his associates at their adjacent location.

The clinic is uniquely designed to provide spaces that make cats more comfortable. There are cat trees to climb and places to perch and play in. The Cat Annex features private exam rooms each complete with cat beds, cat trees, and cat calming scent dispensers.

The opportunity to develop the new clinic came at the perfect time for the Lakeview team.

“We have outgrown the space in our building but love our location,” says Pam Mache, veterinarian and clinic co-owner. “By creating The Cat Annex we can now offer more appointment time to dogs in our current practice while simultaneously providing this preferred option for cats in the new facility.” The Cat Annex is next door to Lakeview’s present location. The Annex is located in the building that was home to the Mallatt‘s Pharmacy for nearly a century.

As part of The Cat Annex, Lakeview Veterinary Clinic is partnering with Madison Cat Project (formerly Dane County Friends of Ferals) and will have an adoption room housing cats and kittens that are in need of loving homes. Drop-in visitors are welcome.

“We are very excited about the expansion and our ability to increase access to care for both dogs and cats,” added Mache. “We are also very happy that we have the opportunity to allow the iconic Mallatt‘s building to continue to operate as a neighborhood business.”

About Lakeview Veterinary Clinic

For 12 years Lakeview Veterinary Clinic has served small animals and their people. With six veterinarians on staff, the team cares for thousands of animals annually and prides itself on being a neighborhood practice that enjoys getting to know all patients and their people. Services include well-animal care, diagnosing and treating sick animals, surgery, dentistry, and a full portfolio of ancillary services including behavioral counseling, dietary counseling and in clinic appointments with specialists that perform abdominal and heart ultrasounds. For more information or appointments visit or call (608) 236-4570.